Moving Company Dishes Out DMV Advice for New Houston Residents

Getting your driver’s license updated with your new address is an important step to take to make your move permanent and official. Typically, this step should be completed within a few weeks after you move, but you may want to make it a top priority. In some cases, the requirements that you must follow for getting a new driver’s license can be time-consuming, and you need to stay on top of this if you want to get your new license promptly. Whether you shipped your vehicle to your new home or drove it yourself, here’s the advice from on getting everything vehicle-related sorted out post-move.

Gather the Appropriate Documentation

The Texas Department of Public Safety is the governmental agency that issues drivers’ licenses in the state. You can visit the department’s website to determine what documentation you will need to bring with you to your local DPS office to obtain your new license. You generally must have identity documentation, such as a passport or a previous driver’s license. You also will need proof of residency, proof of citizenship and your Social Security number. There is an online application that you can download and bring with you to the DPS office. In addition, you will need to prove that you have registered your vehicle in Texas before you can get a driver’s license.

Register Your Vehicle in Texas

To register your vehicle in Houston, you will need to visit the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office. You will need to provide the office with proof of your current state’s registration as well as proof of insurance. Your insurance should meet Texas state insurance requirements, so ensure that you have updated your auto insurance policy before you visit the tax office. There are 16 locations throughout Harris County, so it is easy to find a branch location close to your home.

Determine If You Need to Take a Driver’s Education Course

After you have registered your vehicle, you will need to decide if you must take a driver’s education course. Drivers who are under the age of 25 may be required to show proof of completion of a course. There are many online and live courses available throughout the city, but they can take several weeks to complete.

Prepare to Pass the Vision and Driving Tests

New drivers in the state will be required to pass a vision exam and a written exam regarding state driving laws. While many driving laws are similar from state to state, there may be some differences with Texas driving laws. You may want to read through the state’s handbook before you visit the DPS office.

Find an Office Near You

There are multiple DPS offices located throughout the Houston metro area. You can use the DPS website to find an office. Some office locations have an online check-in feature, and you can also reserve a time online to take your driver’s test if needed. The last thing you want to do is to wait for hours at the DPS office. Therefore, take advantage of the online check-in option for the best overall experience.

Getting your official Texas driver’s license is a wonderful experience, and it can help you to feel more settled and grounded. While it can be a lengthy process to walk through all these steps, the process is nonetheless worthwhile and required of new residents.


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