Here’s a List of Your Cheapest Cross-Country Moving Options

Long-distance moves can be a real hassle, especially when you see how much it costs to have your belongings moved across the country. The good news is, there are ways to make these long moves without spending a fortune. To help you with your next move, we’ve compiled this list of your cheapest moving options with the help of Kip’s Cross Country Movers.

1. Rent a truck

The traditional way to move is to simply rent a truck, pack up all your belongings and drive, and it’s also one of the most affordable methods. Renting a truck is routinely rated as the cheapest option to move across the country. Although you’ll have to spend a lot of money gas and the mileage you put on the truck, the cost will still often be cheaper than it would have if you hired movers. Not only is renting a truck for yourself a bit more affordable, but you also cut out a big portion of the cost by handling the actual moving labor yourself.

2. Rent a container

In recent years, portable moving containers have been an increasingly common solution for long-distance moves. What’s really cool about these containers is that they’re incredibly easy to use.

All you need to do is choose the size of the container you want, and it will be dropped off at your property shortly after. You can then fill your container with all your belongings and let the moving company know, and they’ll handle the rest. When you get to your destination, simply unpack everything from the portable container and let the moving company take it away for you. Not only is this one of the most efficient ways to move, but it’s also affordable since you don’t have to pay for moving labor or gas. However, it’s important to make sure you pack everything well, so there aren’t any accidents during the long drive.

3. Find free supplies

When it comes to moving costs, most of the cost comes from actually renting a vehicle or container and paying to take it across the country. Unfortunately, you’ll always have to spend a bit of money to do that. The good news is, you can save by looking for free packing supplies. Grocery stores often have extra boxes they don’t need which you can collect, as do liquor stores, bookstores, and anywhere else that uses boxes regularly.

4. Check with your employer

If you’re moving for a new job, there’s a chance your employer might help with or completely cover moving expenses as part of their relocation policy. Before shelling out money on a portable container or truck, ask your new employer if the company covers moving expenses. The worst they could say is no, so you may as well ask before wasting money.

5. Hire Movers

Yes, professional moving companies can be a bit more expensive than calling up your friends and convincing them to work for free. But, sometimes moving companies have available space on their trucks and they’re willing to cut a good deal for smaller cross country moves. Here’s a helpful resource to scout out the cheapest moving company for your next move.


 The truth is, moving is always expensive. No matter what you do, you’ll probably have to spend a good chunk of change to move across the country. By making use of some of these helpful methods, though, you can make your next move a little bit easier and cheaper.

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